Tom Clarkson directs Roman Kemp for EE ahead of the FA Cup final.

What do you do when your talent suffers a serious football injury a couple of days before you’re due to shoot?

Rewrite the script and turn it into a comedy! Well, that’s what writer and director Tom Clarkson did in this spot for EE, inviting Roman Kemp to compare his 2021 experience to his normal pre-injury, pre-covid, pre-match build up.

The film sits in a series created by Curly for EE, showing how 5G can keep you connected and mobile, no matter what life throws at you.

“What we pulled off was quite remarkable! Recceing new locations while rewriting ideas on the move at times,” Tom Clarkson recalls “I was extremely lucky to be working with a crew who were incredibly patient and incredibly talented.”

Rather than letting Kemp’s injury be a limitation on the film, Tom and his team embraced it and used it as a strong foundation to create a piece that laughs at itself with warmth, character and charm.

“I’m so grateful for the trust and support of Cake, Curly and of course EE, who were very bold in allowing us to approach the piece in this way.”