BMW has launched its pioneering Metaverse ‘Joytopia’ to accompany the IAA Mobility Auto show in Munich.
Joytopia is a virtual BMW world, full of ideas for rethinking a more sustainable future – a completely immersible experience that can be accessed directly online.

Joytopia was created by The Game Group and JOURNEEE – the Metaverse Company based in Berlin.
Journee’s Company Founder & Chief Creative Christian Mio Loclair and and Creative Director Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn created the Joytopia Metaverse using their own platform built within the Epic Games Unreal Engine.

With its background in delivering immersive content, Curly was approached to ‘film’ within the Joytopia world.
Curly put together the bespoke team required to film, edit and deliver the 2D assets for the Campaign surrounding the Joytopia Launch. This included a journey through Joytopia accompanied by Christoph Waltz and featuring an exclusive 4 song performance by Coldplay, all filmed within the Metaverse.

CD Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn said “Working in Metaverse environments like Joytopia, means that we shouldn’t always record  ‘in-game mode’. We need to create flowing movement to document and promote our spaces – We have to tease the experience. Working with the team at Curly we were able to create scenes where the richness of the film photography matched the richness of our environments.”

The IAA Mobility Auto Show and the Joytopia Metaverse will be live until 12th September 2021.

Watch the Coldplay gig below: