Julie, the new US contraceptive brand, is proud to present their latest captivating 3 minute short film “A Better Morning After”. 

According to figures published by the brand, over 48% of US pregnancies are unplanned or unintentional. To highlight the options available to women and couples, the brand has created a stylish, fun and brave brand film to normalise an everyday situation and help dissipate the stigma attached to morning after contraception. 

Given the current circumstances in the US where several states have banned abortion, the film brings attention to the reality of unwanted pregnancies without attaching shame to those who want to be in control of their own destiny. 

The film takes a glimpse into the lives of different women needing access to morning after contraception, showing the full spectrum of users from the Single Mum to the Happy Couple in a highly styled and contemporary way.

“A Better Morning After” features performances by Patia Borja, an activist and creator as ‘That Girl’ and comedy actor Dana Donnelly as ‘The Cashier Cutie’.

Watch TV spot below:

Watch full film below:

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