The commercial launches a new autumn campaign by the same name created by creative agency Anything is Possible for the London South Bank University and features a supporting cast of real faculty and students who were in their first week of experiencing the university. 

Andy McLane, Creative Director, AIP Media says;

“We needed to appear in a way that felt attractive and authentic to a discerning young audience. 

With the LSBU, ‘THE MAKING OF YOU’ campaign, we wanted to create an idea that crackled with the exciting potential and energy that you feel at this time of your life using visual language that the audience will recognise as the journey they are already on… to become another version of themselves”

Alex Dickinson, Director, Curly Films says:

As soon as I dove into the script, I felt the weight of responsibility for how this project could impact its viewers. It was crystal clear that my main aim was to create a commercial that boosts the audience’s confidence, urging them not only to feel empowered but to venture into their unexplored potential.

Considering how much content bombards younger audiences these days, I wanted this commercial to stand out, to cut through the noise and connect on a deeper level. This was crucial because, in the end, we possessed the ability to positively change the trajectory of someone’s life for the better…”

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