Laura Marciano is based in London & Paris. Her work spans advertising, fashion and music video. Laura began her directing career with the Parisian milliner Maison Michel, directing fashion videos in house.

Laura directed a series of three videos with New York designer Eric Schlösberg nominated at the Fashion Film Festival of Milan. 2021 Laura directed music videos for Willow Kayne, LaLa &ce and Black Coffee.

2022 has seen Laura direct a trilogy of documentary films for YSL Beauty including the award winning ‘Cassie’. This summer Laura directed another trilogy for Maison Kitsune, this time as three wacky episodes featuring extreme pin-up star The May Girl. 

Laura’s latest clip is a 3 min short with 30” cut down for TV for Julie, a new US morning after contraception.

According to figures published by the brand 48% of US pregnancies are unplanned or unintended. Laura has made a fun and stylish film for the brand as well as bringing attention to the reality of unwanted pregnancy without attaching shame to those who want to be in control of their own outcomes.

Julie Features performances by Patia Borja as ‘That Girl’ and Dana Donnelly as ‘The Cashier Cutie’